What's in season in June?

With summer in full swing, long light evenings and the holiday season on the horizon, June is the month to enjoy the wealth of British produce coming into season.

New carrots are around as are sweet new potatoes – perfect partners for broad beans and peas. British tomatoes are in season – try them with broad beans and a mustardy dressing, delicious with marinated, grilled fish or chicken. 

British strawberries, so evocative of summers past, are also coming into season, but shop carefully for them, looking for unusual varieties or visiting a pick your own farm to ensure you buy the very best.

Also in season: beetroot, celery, rocket and watercress

Broad beans

Like humans, broad beans like to be treated differently according to their age!  Very young, they can be eaten, pod and all. A little older, they need to be podded and cooked.  A bit older still, it’s best to parboil the beans, pop them out of their skins and finish off the cooking in butter or olive oil.  When the beans change from their lovely emerald colour to a paler greyish green, the flesh goes mealy and the skin becomes thick – best to use these older beans for a delicious purée.